There are times when you look around your home and realize all of the sudden, something has changed and you just aren’t quite in love any more. You are not quite ready to say it’s time to pack things and call the realtor but you need something new and fresh to help you love your space. This is a great opportunity to explore color trends inside your home. When talking color there are several components where color can be used. Some are simple and quick to add or subtract, some are much more time and money consuming. The right choice for you depends on your taste.

An easy way to explore color is by adding an accent piece to your space that pops with a current color trend. Right now shades of blue and earth tones are both very hot. You need to first assess your space and decide what color trend you are liking and if it can be added to your current space. Because of this consideration, the accent piece is a great way to go. The room also has some impact on what type of accessory you’ll want to try. For a living room or bedroom, a throw pillow is a good choice, in a kitchen perhaps some hand towels or a vase. If you are feeling really bold, go ahead and grab some paint. Whether you opt for an accent wall or the whole room, it will really change the look of the space.

Adding a pop of color and exploring new color trends is a fun and easy way to update your space and add a little flair. From accessories to paint, there are great options for every room and budget. You can make your home into something you love again without making massive changes.


PHOTO: Modern Blue by faungg’s photos