Found That Perfectly Described Home?

Most have a pretty clear list of wants and needs in mind when they start looking for a new home. They search the real estate ads on their own looking for the perfect fresh start. Sometimes, they find something that sounds so ideal, they are ready to make a bid, sight unseen to make sure someone else doesn’t grab their dream home first.

You should be cautioned never to do this because as this video shows, what they say is not always exactly what you mean.

None of the claims were technically false, but be honest, the pictures didn’t line up with the words did they? Of course they didn’t. If you had made the leap into a bid on this home, you might be a little disappointed when you saw how the owner defined things like “energy efficient clothes dryer”.

Equally as bad would be to waste your precious time looking at this home when in reality it is nowhere near what you are needing or expecting. When you only have so much time to find the house of your dreams, you don’t want to spend time with a home that will never come close to meeting your needs.

Make sure you find a quality real estate agent so they can weed through the slightly over exaggerated claims and help you find just what you want with no unpleasant surprises.


PHOTO: The Money Pit – and a house in need of some attention, too