It’s simple for most people to understand that their homes should look nice on the inside. You take the time to match pillows to chairs, carefully chosen colors of paint, and polished accent pieces that draw attention to all the subtle pieces. Then, that’s continually maintained with small things you do every day like sweeping, dusting, and cleaning. What you may not think about as often is what your home looks like from outside. Not just the paint and trim, but the lawn and landscaping. Curb appeal is a very important part of what your home says about you.

Certainly, the obvious side to establishing curb appeal is the exterior condition of your home. You want to make sure things stay in good repair. This includes keeping things clean so don’t forget that houses do need a good wash on occasion to make sure it always looks its best. This can easily be done with a power washer or you can hire someone to handle this. It also helps you see quickly if there are paint issues that need to be addressed.

Next, the lawn should be evaluated. Is it being kept properly cut and edged? This may seem minor but there are few things that tell people faster you aren’t concerned about the look of your home than a trim of weeds around everything you can’t hit with the mower. In addition to the grass, this is where all the extra stuff comes into play. Do you have shrubs or trees? Are they being trimmed and cared for? They can really make or break the lines outside your home.

Curb appeal can easily be achieved by just taking the time to love your home on the outside as well as the inside. Just like your personal appearance, the exterior of your home gives people their first glance into you. Make sure the statement you are making is the one you intended.


PHOTO: Rob Adams – Curb Appeal